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Dec 31, 2012 5:00am PST
." that's the latest. ed rendell and jeffrey sachs all with us along with sam stein and michael steele in washington. joining us also in washington, senior national correspondent for "bloomberg businessweek," joshua green. and joshua, before we go on to what led to this doomsday scenario that we're facing right now, which was all set up by lawmakers in washington, talk to me about what businesses are looking for and wall street is looking for. there will be reaction. there's always this discussion about the need for certainty. at best, we're going to get some sort of small deal that puts everything off, which makes this whole deadline make no sense. are businesses going to respond well to that? >> if we get a deal, yes. i mean, wall street all along has been looking to avert the fiscal cliff. and frankly, i don't think ceos and businesses care a whole lot about where income tax rates fall. in fact, you saw a number of ceos come out a few weeks ago and say they were happy for their taxes to rise, so long as washington could get a deal. i think they also expected a deal. and then over the l
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
, michael steele is also with us. michael? >> good morning. happy new year. >> are we going over the cliff? ♪ we're going cliffing ♪ cliffing >> no, look. as the reality of your tape showed, mika, we went over the cliff a long time ago. we just didn't know it. look at the leadership we have leading us. it's like lemmings, folks. the reality is we do do a little cliff diving on the 31st at midnight. as dan pointed out, we're going to, you know, just hopefully pull the ripcord on the parachute and sort of gently go to a ledge, and there we'll sit for six or eight months as these guys do what they've done for the last six or eight months. >> okay. so we've got the latest here including president obama doing an interview for "meet the press." the senate is scheduled to reconvene at 11:00 this morning. any deal today would have to be rushed through both chambers of congress before midnight. as talks in the senate stalled yesterday, minority leader mitch mcconnell reached out to someone he believed he could help jump start the negotiations and perhaps deliver an 11th hour compromise, a
Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm EST
democrats apparently won't, and that's compromise? here now, cnbc contributor ari melber and michael steele, former rnc chairman. i want to go to my pal, michael steele, whom i haven't seen in so long. millionaire tax rates, issues about the debt ceiling. >> right. >> certainly not enough spending reductions. i talked to conservative republicans. there's a lot of back biting and talking and yelling and not happiness. is the republican party giving up its base? is it giving up the grass roots to make a deal? >> i don't think it is, larry, but i think it's also confronting the new reality post-election. the president clearly has more cards at his disposal to play. he's got the momentum of having the voters behind an idea that rates have to go up at least maybe to 37% or more for those who make $250,000 and above. so speaker boehner's been trying to carry the water for his base, recognizing that the bucket may have some holes in it. but also bringing the pressure to the president that says, look, you know, we're willing to go to that well if we have to on raising rates, but you've got to come to the t
Dec 10, 2012 9:00am PST
rnc chairman the notorious michael steele. in a few minutes president obama will land in michigan where he will begin touring and delivering a speemp at an engine manufacturing plant. it is the next stop on the great reasonableness tour of 2012 calling for tax hikes on the rich and meeting with working class, ordinary americans rather than beltway politicians. behind closed doors the occasionally unreasonable fiscal negotiations continue. the president met with house speaker john boehner at the white house on sunday, though aides from both sides kept mum on the details of their discussions. a new poll by politico and george washington university shows that three in five americans back raising taxes on the wealthy, which echos the results from election day and a washington post-abc news poll released recently. in the meantime, some on the right seem to have come to terms with the inevitable, including former republican senator alan simps simpson. >> if anybody out there that is "rich" doesn't think their taxes are going up, the drink is on me. >> even with reality from some in his
Dec 7, 2012 9:00am PST
chairman of the rnc, in a red sweater, msnbc contributor, the notorious michael steele. that is a fetching color for you, chairman. >> thank you. ho, ho, hey. >> chairman steele tell us what this departure means for the rnc? everybody is reading this differently. some saying tea he's going to become a thorn in the side of gop when at heritage, other people are saying get rid of him, let the gop become a party of dealmaking and legislating inside congress. >> i think there's truth to both of those. what's going to be interesting is the interplay between the two. demint is going to be i think a much more vocal, you know, standard bearer if you will outside, using all of the machinations that come with being at top heritage. the think tank aspects, political powerhouse it represents in conservative circles, big events like c-pac and elsewhere. they can throw around weight rhetorically and substantively in the types of things they'll be writing and talking about. within the senate a bunch of folks starting with senator mcconnell who are going thank you, lord. and are looking for that
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
for secretary of state. msnbc's jonathan alter and former rnc chair michael steele with reaction. stay with us. we're right back. of medicare and social security. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family. ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin. because for our 37 million members, only one word counts. get the facts at let's keep medicare... and social security strong for generations to come. ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove ♪ i'd have nothing to lose [ male announcer ] zales is the diamond store. take up to an extra 15 percent off storewide, now through sunday. is a thrilling, dual-flavored ride to mouth fun-town. but it's not like everyone is going to break into a karaoke jam session. ♪ this will literally probably never happen. >>> new research destroys the myth that right to work laws create jobs. we'll look at what the law has done for indiana's economy. and i'll talk with filmmaker michael moore about his fight for workers in his home state of mi
Dec 13, 2012 8:00pm PST
process that was very prolonged. >> jonathan alter and michael steele on the ugly politics that took down susan rice. >>> the economic policy institute destroys governor rick schneider's best right to work talk point. >> all you have to do is look to indiana. >> they've gotten thousands of jobs coming to indiana. >> indiana's had a strong experience. they did similar legislation. >> tonight, michigan's favorite son, michael moore, on schneider's portrayal and the way forward for workers in the heartland. >>> the 12-12-12 concert raised a ton of money for sandy relief. but house republicans are holding up federal dollars. i'll tell you why. >>> and a meteorologist is fired for responding to racist facebook taunts. tonight, rhonda lee tells her story on "the ed show." >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. time is running out on a fiscal cliff deal, and republicans are running out of reasons to reject the president's plan. house speaker john boehner left capitol hill this evening and met with the president at the white house for nearly an hour. administration
Dec 11, 2012 10:00am PST
going to make it very difficult to move forward in many, many fronts. >> well, michael steele, as a former party leader and as a smart political analyst, why was this something that the republicans is and michigan wanted to buy into just as the republican party is rethinking how to be more broad-based. >> that's a curious question. to ms. dingell's point, i have heard republicans in michigan reflect that exact sentiment she reflected about the concern going forward of how this is perceived by the public, more importantly, and how it plays out politically for republicans, as you know. the legislature elects every two years, so there's, you know, some concern about the control you have today you may lose tomorrow if this is not smartly addressed, and i think what the governor says in fraeming the arguments going forward to the people of michigan, putting in context both the economic and the political consequences of his decision to suddenly do this because this did come out of left field. he i don't think anyone expected this on the ground there in michigan as they went into the lame-
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
talking to both sides. >> the -- michael steele, the saber rattling has reached an almost deafening pitch, i think. maybe on both sides. i wonder, you know, from your perspective is bill crystal and tom cole ultimately helping john boehner in terms of laying the groundwork or hurting him? >> i think they're absolutely standing there with a flashlight in the darkness of the abyss that is the discussion that doesn't exist between the white house and boehner and saying that this is the way forward for a lot of members of the gop. i think bill started this sort of conversation if you will a few weeks ago on his show talking about, well, i think 250 and above, we can live with that. the bottom line is, you have a mindset that's growing quickly that says look, why don't we just give the president what he wants on the middle class tax cuts, we all agree with that. it is the 250 and above where the discussion on entitlements really hinges and so that's why the administration is saying, well you show me yours and i may show you mine. and that's where we are right now. everybody is going to show th
Dec 14, 2012 12:00am PST
state. msnbc's jonathan alter and former rnc chair michael steele with reaction. stay with us. we're right back. >>> new research destroys the myth that right to work laws create jobs. we'll look at what the law has done for indiana's economy. and i'll talk with filmmaker michael moore about his fight for workers in his home state of michigan. what's next? >>> and later, a reporter loses her job after responding to viewers on facebook. meteorologist rhonda lee joins me with her story later tonight. and don't forget, you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm >>> new research destroys the myth that right to work laws create jobs. we'll look at what the law has done for indiana's economy. and i'll talk with filmmaker michael moore about his fight for workers in his home state of michigan. what's next? >>> and later, a reporter loses her job after responding to viewers on facebook. meteorologist rhonda lee joins me with her story later tonight. and don't forget, you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm radio channel 127 monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. and share your though
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am EST
listen to michael steele, it might have been a different election and there definitely would not have been the candidates that opened their mouth and inserted there fourth. foot. guest: 4 michael steele, politics is definitely a rough- and-tumble game with elbows out. he would not have had his position of chair of the gop of last you had republicans who were sensitive to the racial change taking place way back in 2008. that is when he came in and the idea was here is someone who could be a spokesperson for the party who could speak to the larger notion of outrage and bringing people in and be more inclusive. that was his appeal and i think people put a great deal of hope in him. what you saw quickly occur is a lot of the people who had been in charge of the party were quite threatened by michael steele and especially in terms of the giving. michael steele was challenged in terms of how you raise money. you had these new super packs and people on the outside who say give money to me and deny it to michael still and the gop and he had some controversy with the prospective donors taken t
Dec 8, 2012 2:00am PST
shot at boehner in the process. joining me are michael steele, former rnc chair, now one of us, and joy reid, managing editor of she's also one of us. thank you, gentleman and lady. i want you to look at something. this is what happens when you go near what i call the misery index, the rush limbaugh show. yesterday jim demint, still the united states senator from south carolina, and the outgoing heritage president ed fuelner went on rush, the misery index, and yuck-yucked about john boehner. they made fun of the speaker. let's listen. >> well, i think it's safe to say boehner is not forcing either of you guys out, right? >> that's pretty true. >> it might work a little bit the other way, rush. >> what do you make of that? it might work a little bit the other way. here is an outgoing united states senator not being very outgoing about the speaker of the house saying he might lose his job because demint is going to the heritage foundation. explain that rubik's cube. >> actually, there's no connection. that's just idle banter with rush limbaugh. the speaker is going to be back
Dec 13, 2012 3:00am PST
committee -- >> very fit. >> -- very much with me on the battle of the munchkins, michael steele. >> absolutely. pass the doughnuts. >> we start with syria, a country coming apart at the seams. president obama a couple days ago making a fairly remarkable statement that we are now with the opposition despite the fact that we don't know exactly who the opposition is. >> we're with the oppositions in the plural. it's a very splintered opposition. coalition's almost too good of a word. the united states has thrown in its political lot with them. militarily things are beginning to tilt increasingly in the direction of the opposition against the government. we saw now the government is shooting off scud missiles, old ballistic missiles which are essentially terror weapons. you shoot them off, you don't know where they'll come down. some come down in civilian areas. they're not militarily significant, but this is the beginning of a slow end game. >> richard, i was just going to ask, what is assad's end game, and should he not be contacting the russians right now saying in russian, guys, get me the hel
Dec 3, 2012 3:00am PST
editor leigh gallagher and political analyst, former chairman of the rnc, michael steele. and i'm willie geist. joe and mika have the day off today. there's so much to talk about, but we do have to begin with the ties, if we could. it's not just mike. mike's getting all the focus here this morning, and that is inexcusable. >> could i just say, in the words of speaker john boehner, we need to find common ground here, and we need to do it quick. >> there ain't going to be any between these two ties, my man. over here, good news, jon meacham will be number one on "the new york times" best-seller list this weekend. >> hear, hear. >> his book, "jefferson." bad news is he's going to get there wearing that tie with bunny rabbits on it. here they are. could we get a text poll? >> can i just tell you, i got this from harold ford. >> that explains a lot. >> so there you go. >> that means it's free at both ends. >> it's a disgrace to michael steele who dresses so well each and every day. >> look, i just show up and play, baby. that's it. >> you're doing a good job with that. >> got the pocket squar
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
the uk, maggie haberman. michael steele, notorious as we call you here. thank you for your time. indubable. chris solizza. >> i assume they are compliments. >> they are $5 compliments. >> emmy darling. emmy darling. the man with the golden throat. cnbc guru john harwood. our favorite wonk of them all. president obama's money bunny bill burton. >> money bunny? >> given the hop to it attitude. current editor of "now." >> we want to make you the official cultural ambassador of the program now. >> okay! >> we can always count on a little help from our friends. >> always handsome martin bashir. >> you've put me between two of the most attractive people on this network, jonathan capehart. >> i got a title, did you know that? >> this is a legendary moment. >> this is hot. >> this is hot. >> in the days before my time, less known your time -- >> we're just babies around you. >> that's why i come on, to get my wag on. i get my wag on. >> stop right now. >> now! >> thank you for getting me wag on. >> anybody watching this show, by the way, doesn't have direct plans to vote is an idiot. go
Dec 20, 2012 7:00am PST
and former rnc chairman michael steele and nbc political analyst former democratic governor of pennsylvania ed rendell. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so the president is calling on the new congress to hold votes in january on banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips and background checks on all gun purchases. joe biden doesn't also have relationships on the hill. he's also built them with law enforcement. if he gets their support could that pressure republicans to work with the president on these types of reforms. >> i believe it can, and i think joe biden has a long history of working with members of the nra and certainly law enforcement on these issues in the past. the famous exchange during the debate in '08 and '07 on these issues so he's got credibility, and i think the president is setting up his game plan pretty smartly at this point. right now the country is in a mood to do something, and i think that republicans have to recognize that, number one and number two, that right now again, the president is in
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
. the only question is what they get in return. michael steele is former chair of the republican national committee and an msnbc political analyst, and steve mcmahon's a democratic strategist. michael, you're on the republican side, and what do you think of that? the argument made by brooks which is more sophisticated. make your deal now while you can get something for it because after january 1st you will just be saving your rear end. >> i think he's absolutely right. i think part of that deal should include giving the president what everybody in this town agrees on, and that is those middle tax cuts for the middle class out of the bush tax cuts. set that aside because everyone agrees we're not going to go after those. then it gives you some time and some room to really negotiate down on that -- what that -- >> we have to do all that by january 1st. >> and it can be done. chris, this is not rocket science. that piece is very easy to -- >> but once you do that, why don't you admit you're not -- you're going to let the top rates go back to 39.6%. >> you can do that, but this is th
Dec 19, 2012 2:00am EST
republican national committee and msnbc political analyst michael steele, also democratic strategist chris kofinis. michael, do you think the two parties will agree to release people and their parties, the moderates and the center left and center right, to cut a deal and not require everybody to vote in lockstep in the two parties? >> i do, chris. i think that's part of the strategy that boehner and the president, quite frankly, have been putting in place. from what i understand, the white house and boehner through the speaker's office have already begun to lay down that patchwork for nancy pelosi to bring some people to the center and for boehner to do the same. part of that, as kelly just mentioned, was the plan "b." we set the outliers, $1 million. the president raised his number from $250,000 to $400,000. they're feeling out where in their caucus, then begin to pull those votes to get this deal done, so, you know, it's really interesting, but it's an opportunistic moment for both of these gentlemen, and i think they're playing their cards pretty well so far. >> what's
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
bring in the gaggle. msnbc analyst former rnc chairman michael steele. from the associated press the one and only and welcome to you all. michael steele, i am one of those saying let's stop pretending we're going over the cliff. it is clear we're not. republicans are coming up with a way to pass a tax rate hike. when will the white house realize that's happening? >> yeah. you're absolutely right. and i agree we're not going to go over the cliff. we'll hug them. you know, new year's eve we will all be hugging them. >> don't go that far. christmas eve maybe. the fact is you now have competing interests on the table, competing plans. the white house needs to get in the game now and stop trying to do the messaging argument and trying to push republicans into a corner. i think the republicans have a little bit of an advantage here. they can come out and play a card or two on, okay. we'll give you middle class tax cuts and then go back and sit back and negotiate on the rates later. >> we're in this weird standoff where the white house says, well, we don't owe them a plan. boehner owes us.
Dec 10, 2012 2:00pm PST
people like that. thank you, michael steele and joy reid. up next, from etch-a-sketch to legitimate rape. remember those great phrase s. to 47%. yale university has the list of the most notable screw up quotes of the year. they're almost all terrible. which quote tops your list? we'll be right back. this is "hardball," the place for politics. they're almost all terrible. customer erin swenson bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics. >>> michigan has become the latest battleground in the fight over union rights. the state's republican lawmakers are expected to approve legislation making michigan traditionally a union stronghold in a right to work state. do you believe it? republican governor rick schneider says he'll sign the measure. today pres
Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
shot at boehner in the process. joining me are michael steele, former rnc chair, now one of us, and joy reid, managing editor of she's also one of us. thank you, gentleman and lady. i want you to look at something. this is what happens when you go near what i call the misery index, the rush limbaugh show. yesterday jim demint, still the united states senator from south carolina, and the outgoing heritage president ed fuelner went on rush and yuck-yucked about john boehner. they made fun of the speaker. let's listen. >> well, i think it's safe to say boehner is not forcing either of you guys out, right? >> that's pretty true. >> it might work a little bit the other way, rush. >> what do you make of that? it might work a little bit the other way. here is an outgoing united states senator not being very outgoing about the speaker of the house saying he might lose his job because demint is going to the heritage foundation. explain that rubik's coupe. >> actually, there's no connection. that's just idle banter with rush limbaugh. the speaker is going to be back in charge. he's n
Dec 3, 2012 8:00am PST
nowhere. we will talk moves and strategy with michael steele, lee gallagher, franklin fore, and luke russert. scorpion consumer and presidential finger wagger jan brewer picks a fight with the white house over immigration. her effort to undermine the gop's sterling immigration record. and musician entertainer and would-be cultural ambassador andrew wfrmts kay joins us to discuss his outreach to the middle east and the importance of partying hard on the international stage. all of that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst o
Dec 7, 2012 2:00pm PST
do, overweight, the whole thing. wow, what an election. thank you, michael steele. happy weekend. joy reid, relax this weekend. speaking of chris christie he gets what he's wanting his whole life. this guy is a regular guy in some ways. that's ahead on "hardball," the place for politics. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. i tell them dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
control in the past week. >> let me understand, michael steele called the nra statement very haunting and very disturbing. he's actually an nra supporting. michael blook brg called it beyond believe that following the newtown tragedy, the national rifle association wants to arm more americans. i want to turn to you. what some people thought was a point worth making is a violent association of video games to a disturbed mind and this leading to some kind of desire to do what they see in the games for real. you have this website which is very popular with gamers. what is your view about that? >> i don't see how video games can contribute to violence in that manner. especially when most video games don't emulate real life. what they emulate is soft compared to what happens in the real world. today, hearing him speak about what he said, i thought it was just a really horrible joke. because it's ridiculous. >> i mean, i have seen some video games which are pretty violent, and i could imagine if you were disturbed and you were a loner like this misfit character adam lanza in your u
Dec 7, 2012 2:00am EST
saying we're going to do better, they never do. >> i'm waiting to see if michael steele runs. i want to see if you both run. i don't think he's going to run, but i think you may run. thank you, j.c. watts. thank you, judith. >>> up next, jon stewart explains how republicans hate the u.n. more than they hate the disabled. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> welcome back to "hardball." now time for the "sideshow." first, 38 republicans voted this week to defeat a u.n. treaty that promotes rights for disabled citizens worldwide. last night jon stewart took them on. >> i guess it's time for a new segment "please tell me this is rock bottom." it's official, republicans hate the united nations more than they like helping people in wheelchairs. you voted no because your fear is if we sign onto a treaty that is only recommendations for improved disability standards, standards we ourselves made the law of the land in this country 20 years ago, what's to stop the men if blue helmets from storming into your living room -- - i'm sorry, school -- and force you to build a wheelchair ac
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
. michael steele says any movement away from the unrealistic offer the president has made previously is a step in the right direction. proposal that includes 1.2 trillion in revenue for only 930 billion in spending cuts cannot be considered balanced. we have to reach an agreement that is truly balanced and began to small or spending problem. >>> they have two weeks to get a deal before the automatic cuts go into effect. harry reid says it appears the senate may be coming back the day after christmas to deal with averting the fiscal cliff. >> we are all eyeing that clock right there beside. you thank you very much, kelly. >> it is time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. maria, things warming up a little bit today? >> patti ann and heather good to see you. we are going to be seeing temperatures above average across portions of the country. cool side in dallas 41 degrees out there 44 kansas city. as we continue our track northward little on the chilly side minneapolis 23 degrees 45 in new york city. new york city we had to deal with a lot of heavy rain last night and thr
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
majority of the wlam. 53%, just 27%, blame the president. joining me political analyst michael steel and managing editor. thank you both for joining us. this is a fascinating time. i picked up the paper this morning, joy, and i noticed progress. i know it's for the first time we're in the same room together. i noticed when you looked at the numbers, with the washington post, which is a great paper, covering washington, as you know, it looks as if they're going to get somewhere short of a trillion on spending. i eechl looking at the whole thing. it looks like they're making progress. your assessment? >> i think there's progress except that whenever john boehner makes public statements. he's continuing to say that the revenues can come. i think it's clear that the white house is not going to give on that. boehner is going to have to find a way to get his caucus to understand that the top rats are going to come up. there's a lot these two guys can work on, but boehner has got to give. >> why do you think the president is spending so much time on the road drumming up this issue of making sur
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm PST
-- >> ridiculous. >> the queen of mean when you attacked the two congress people and michael steele and then when you attacked me and called me lame for not lying to my child -- children who aren't gullible like other people's children and won't say but it's been amazing working with krystal. >> i have to say, i have to say, i had such a strong reaction to your anti-santa thing yesterday. >> i am not -- >> i don't know what came over me. >> i'm not anti-santa. they didn't ask me where the presents come from and didn't tell them it's a stranger they have not referenced. every birthday, my son's in november and he knew, presents came from me, aunt, whatever, grandma. so he didn't think suddenly now it's christmas they come from another person. he didn't ask. was i supposed to lie and create a new person in his life who's going to sneak in to the house and give him presents? >> um, yes. yes. you were supposed to create that person. >> armed shooter. >> i don't have any problem with the choice that you made, you know, my children -- >> s.e. i need you to settle this. >> i'm not going to weigh in
Dec 21, 2012 8:00am PST
tech and joining me beau biden and representative yarmouth from kentucky and and michael steel and the former rnc chairman and then karen finney, contributor writing for the hill. it is great to have you here and i know we were listening together. michael, i want to start with you on this. the right has been instin at. did the nra help seal the message that we really need to talk about this more than we ever thought before because if their meaningful contribution is all of us have a target on our back and all of us need to carry a gun, we have big problems. >> we do. you know, i don't know where to begin. as a supporter of the second amendment and a supporter of the nra, even though i am not a member of the nra, i just found it very haunting and very disturbing that we are country talking about arming our teachers and principals in classrooms. what does that say about us? i do not believe that's where the american people want to go. i do not believe that is the response that should be coming out of the tragedy in newtown. i just think that this was a missed opportunity to create anothe
Dec 20, 2012 8:00am PST
roekel, and karen finney and michael steele. don't go anywhere, though. a great show is coming up next. "now" with alex wagner, and we will say merry cliff-mas. >> i'm say merry christmas and merry cliff-mas. >> every second counts, thomas. every second counts. merry cliff-mas to you, my friend. >> thank you. >> are we any closer to a merry cliff-mas, or is a republican caucus packing a stocking full of coal? the house gets set to vote on plan b, speaker john boehner struggles to shimy down the chimney with a deal. we'll have a discussion with luke russert, megan mccartel and -- plus, who better than joe? we will tell you how the vice president's past could be a guide to comprehensive gun reform. former assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley will weigh in on the new benghazi report and what it pourtends for john kerry. all that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help r
Dec 7, 2012 8:00am PST
bunch of money at a think tank. brand old party problems with michael steele. and, frack baby frack? maybe. we'll get into the great energy debate with chris hayes when he joins me, joy reid, joan walsh and ben smith, all of that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back with great ideas like our optional better car replacement. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask one of our insurance experts about it today. hello?! we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, and we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. [car alarm blaring] call now and also ask about our 24/7 support and service. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors.
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
michael steele tells us this morning if we're going to solve this problem every congressional leader and more importantly the white house have all important roles to play. the fact is we've heard this same thing. and that is that pelosi and the senate leaders are not in the room at first. they'll be brought in when boehner and the white house are close. mann while, back to the debt ceiling. the new republicans' main point of leverage n. a rare misstep, mcconnell may have taken some of that leverage away in a move that ended with mcconnell filibustering himself. the president doesn't have enough democratic support, mcconnell moved to vote to permanently give the president the rate to approve the debt ceiling. reid shocked mcconnell by calling the idea of having that vote a positive development. forcing him to reject a vote he had called for himself. >> is there objection? >> reserving the right to object, matters of this controversy -- what we're talking about here is a perpetual debt ceiling grant in effect for the president. >> i guess we have a filibuster to his own bill so i objec
Dec 19, 2012 6:00am PST
keep tax rates where they are, 98% more than 98% -- >> up. to 99.481% is whoo michael steele. >> he's trying to push back against this whole narrative that republicans will going to be holding things hostage for rates on the wealthy. this idea of creating a new rate for millionaires and billionaires originated with democrats. i think what this is, it is a way of trying to diffuse this democratic line of argument that you would be likely to hear especially if we go over. >> can you get the votes? is there we'll see. you haven't heard a lot of loud push-back on this for the moment. i think what's also the trouble, if you could be forgiven for thinking over the last few weeks tax rates are the only things on which republicans and democrats disagree. this is really bringing to light things about entitlements, spending, there are so many other things on the table. this is shifting focus hopefully away from those. >> they need a deal, no doubt they need a deal. yes, they think they can win the politics of this if there is no deal. he has the bully pulpit in january like nobody's business. i
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
, although details on his offer are sparse. earlier today i asked michael steele, john boehner's press secretary for details on the, quote, deal. i was writing quickly and meant to say offer, but i wrote deal. he wrote back we are not close to a deal. when these deals are reported, we tend to tell you about the numbers. obama is at $1.4 trillion in taxes. boehner is maybe 8 one billion. boehner was at 600 billion. but a major sticking point is not a number at all. a major sticking point is the debt ceiling you. might remember the debt ceiling, the dumb, anachronistic thing we have in which congress has to vote for the stuff that it has already bought. and if the vote doesn't go through, then america's economy goes boom. yeah. that one. that has become a huge problem in these negotiations. and for two reasons. first, a lot of republicans outside the negotiations on the hill, they have convinced themselves the debt court of appealing is their secret weapon. the way they see the negotiations going is this. mr. obama has leverage now because he really doesn't care if you go over the fiscal
Dec 10, 2012 8:00pm PST
spokesman michael steele says he is still waiting on a counteroffer from the president to last week's republican offer. in michigan today president obama said the house just needs to pass the bill already passed by the senate. >> if congress lets middle class taxes go up, economists will tell you that means people will spend nearly $200 billion less than they otherwise would spend. consumer spending is going to go down. all congress needs to do is pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. >> president obama still has the american people firmly on his side. and this is what the republicans don't get apparently. 60% support raising taxes on households earning more than $250,000 a year. this is why a republican congressman tom cole, once again, said fellow republicans should pass a tax cut ex-suspension for 9% of americans. cole said he believes the measure could pass in the house. >> in your caucus, is there a lot of burgeoning republican support for that? >> honestly, i think if it got to the floor, it would carry. this doesn't say we're goin
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